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How we almost became a drowning statistic


It was our first swim of last summer. Mr. J (3 at the time) and Miss M (2 at the time) could hardly wait. They had gotten suited up and each had waited their turn to get their sunscreen applied. During their “wait time” to let the sunscreen soak in, Miss M was sitting right next to me on the porch while Mr. J wanted to sit on the top step of the pool and make “handprint art” with the pool water. Standing about 10 feet from the pool steps, I applied my own sunscreen and was a bit distracted by Miss M explaining something about her princess pool toys for all of about 15 seconds or so. And when I looked back to check on Mr. J, he was no longer on the step. As panic set in, the adrenaline immediately kicked on, my mind slipped into the slow-mo that only happens in dire emergencies, and I noticed the tips of his fingers wiggling just above the surface of the water. He had silently ...

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Over the years our office has developed policies and procedures to efficiently handle many of the routine issues that arise. We have found that having established policies makes our interaction together go more smoothly. Please be aware that none of these are “written in stone” and we would encourage you to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding these policies with us.